Sailor's Coat

This dang thing has taken me a looong time to finish!  I started on it in November of 2005 and just finished it June 2006.  Only 7 months!  That is a personal record for follow through.


The sailors short jacket is seen in just about all original artwork of sailors and pirates during the GAoP. There are a few variants, and it is a type of "common man's" clothing of the 17th and 18th Century.



As you can see from the original artwork, there are a few different styles represented.  It is my belief that this is because the basic garment is a working class coat, but it has its ancestry in the doublet and the waistcoat.



I liked the look of the waistcoats in the period pictures above, so using those as a "pattern", here is my version below.

I had a piece of wool (an old basket woven wool blanket) and some nice linen that I chose to make the short jacket out of.  The wool is "beige" or "brown" but comes across a little pinkish.  That doesn't bother me, as it is only in the later 20th century where pink has some sort of homosexual context.  The Nazis thought pink was so cool that they used it to designate their elite SS Tank units with pink... no really!

I decided to go for the pocket less version, though I spent considerable time sewing pockets and pocket flaps (with all of their fricken buttonholes) before I settled on this decision.


I have a nice little collection of original GAoP buttons so I added original buttons to my short jacket.  For this era, buttons of 17-20mm would work perfect.


The end result, after about 6 months, was an entirely hand sewn sailors jacket out of wool with linen lining and circa 1700 buttons.  


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